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Meet Our Mini Bernie Babies

Mini "Bernedoodles" (a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Miniature Poodle) are known for their intelligence, affection, sociability and goofy cheerful attitudes. They are cute, loyal, friendly, even tempered, gentle and kind. This combination of traits makes them ideal candidates for service, therapy or assistance dogs as well as wonderful family companions. 


Who We Are & What We Do


Our Purpose

At Skye Farms, our sole purpose is to provide healthy, high-quality pets for you and your family to make memories with that will last a lifetime. 


Our Pups

Our pups are born and raised on our family farm in a loving, climate-controlled environment where we're able to prioritize their genetics, health, and happiness. 


Our Promise

Our promise is to continue to improve the Bernedoodle breed, build relationships within our community, and maintain the our integrity within the breeding industry. 


The Skye Farm Family

Joe, Polly & Judah Parker

As a husband and wife team, we're passionate about raising quality Bernedoodles for families like yours. These little doodles are a part of our family, so that one day, they'll be a great addition to yours. Our pups are born and raised on our little 3 acre farm in Southern Ohio, where they are played with, loved on and socialized daily. 

We hope to provide love and memories for years to come for you and your family through one of our Bernedoodle pups!

Breana, M

"We are so in love and happy with our pup from Skye Farm! They're is so easy to work with and truly care about their puppies and the families they go to. ...we highly recommend the puppies from Skye Farm! Great family pets"


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